Body Piercing Supplies Part II (The Receiving Tube)

“Many body piercers prefer the use of a receiving tube when doing a nostril piercing (rather than shoving a cork up the client’s nose), as well as when doing many cartilage (ear) and hood piercings (genital)…”

Tongue Piercing: What are the risks?

“you risk either biting down on the barbell while eating (and potentially chipping or cracking your teeth), or you may be causing small ‘chips’ to the enamel surface of your teeth by ‘clanking’ the body jewelry around inside your mouth (so that it hits your teeth)…”

How long should your first Tongue Barbell be?

“Professional body piercers report that in many instances their clients are not even aware the needle has gone through, and must be told the piercing has been completed…”

Need to Hide Your Body Piercing?

“The solution is called a retainer, and can be purchased to fit navel, tongue, eyebrow, nipple and even nostril piercings. Using a retainer will not guarantee discovery by those nearest you, but it could help you slip by under the radar long enough to make a clean getaway!”

Does a tongue piercing hurt your teeth?

“Many people with tongue piercings have a habit of ‘clicking’ their barbells inside their mouth, which can be a source of irritation to the gums, as well as causing chips to the surfaces of the teeth”