How Well Do You Know Your Piercer?

If you are unsure of the qualifications of your body piercer or tattoo artists, ask to see their health department permit BEFORE you agree to have them do any work on you

Holidays and Piercing: Do they go together?

“…if you are thinking about getting that new body piercing and the cat is already out of the bag (that you do such things), you may be able to get rock-bottom deals on getting it done…”

Does Your Piercer Check it Twice?

“…prior to piercing, make sure you feel comfortable with them and they are not pressuring you into something you do not want (like a tattoo)…”

Should you tattoo someone’s name onto your body?

“If you must tattoo a name or portrait onto your body, at least make it a person will not fade from your life, someone like a family member, parent or child, so no matter what the future holds you will not regret the decision to get it done.”