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Is Your Body Piercer or Tattoo Artist Legit?

The first question you should ask is if the piercer is registered and permitted by the local health department. If they are, they will have a health department permit posted in plain sight, along with a permit number you can jot down for verification. If your tattoo artist or piercer gives you the run-around, or says it isn’t with them, they are not registered and you should leave.

How to Know if A Body Artist is Legit

“Make sure before you allow anyone to pierce or tattoo you that you have seen their recent registration and permit from the health department that oversees the county you are in. Also ask to see that all of their tattoo and piercing supplies are sterile, and pouched in color-change packages that guarantee sterility. If they cannot produce valid permits, licenses or refuse to show you the needles, tools and body jewelry they will be using, save yourself the infection and leave …”

Beware of part-time body piercers

“It is your right as a customer to demand to see the piercer’s registered body technician permit (it should have a number printed on it for confirmation with the county health department) and also make sure you see that all the needles, tools, body jewelry and other tattoo and body piercing supplies used are in sterile, color-changing autoclave pouches. Remember, your health, and possibly even life depend upon it!”