Cool or Fool: Peek-A-Tongue?

“Stretching your lower lip down to your chin will certainly make you stand out, but it can also cause problems when against the bone of the chin, as well as cause ‘leakage’ from saliva or food debris while chewing…”

Cool or Fool: Proof Cyborgs Exist?

“It’s wonderful to live in such a time when anyone can get a body piercing just about anywhere on their bodies safely and without persecution by society”

What body piercings are still taboo?

“There’s an old saying that applies in body art as well that says all is fine when done in ‘moderation’. As a rule, if you don’t take something too far, or wear something too ‘extreme’, you won’t be looked at as a freak (unless, of course, that is the what you’re after. :)”

Parent Forum: Should I let my daughter stretch her ears?

“Setting a limit on size (beyond 00G is irreversible) helps keep everything out in the open and most kids will see it as a compromise on the parent’s part and will usually honor your decision on size limitation”