Is Your Health Department Cracking Down?

Rather than the time and cost of purchasing an autoclave (not to mention the time and work needed to pouch and cycle items) you can purchase online guaranteed sterile body piercing supplies and body jewelry from respected online suppliers and avoid fines, scrutiny or worse

Body Piercing Supplies: Body Art or Medical Origin?

One of the most common types of forceps used in body piercing is called a ‘sponge forcep’ which was designed as a surgical instrument used to grab and hold small sponges used during surgeries

Are all body piercing kits the same?

“The vast majority (over 95%) of piercing kits sold do not include sterile body jewelry, so contact the company before purchasing (if it is not clearly stated in the listing information) that the kit you are buying includes sterile body jewelry, sterile needles and sterilized forceps…”

How to know if a body piercing kit is sterile

“If you are purchasing these items in a body piercing kit or from an online seller, make sure what you are getting has been properly sterilized by the methods described above, and that the company can provide recent spore test results for their equipment”