New Health Department Rules: Are you in compliance?

One of the mandates calls for the use of safe metals and alloy materials for body piercing

Bring Your Own Jewelry: A Good Deal or Dangerous?

If a shop offers you this kind of ‘deal’ you would be advised to run (not walk) away since not only is their ‘deal’ inviting an infection into your near future, but they are operating illegally and probably are not registered with the health department either

Is Your Health Department Cracking Down?

Rather than the time and cost of purchasing an autoclave (not to mention the time and work needed to pouch and cycle items) you can purchase online guaranteed sterile body piercing supplies and body jewelry from respected online suppliers and avoid fines, scrutiny or worse

Are There Too Many Tattoo Shops?

make sure they are using only sterile body piercing supplies and tattoo supplies with color-changing indicators and proper dates stamped clearly on the packaging

When is Free Shipping Truly Free?

Most sellers of body piercing supplies will lead with ”free shipping” on their sites, but careful reading reveals that you must make a minimum order amount to qualify

Is Your Body Jewelry Sterile?

“If you doubt the importance of sterile body jewelry, ask yourself this question – what good does it do to use a sterile needle, prep and even sterile tools if you are going to just shove a dirty piece of body jewelry into the open wound?”

Does It Matter Where You Buy Your Piercing Supplies?

“Make sure that before you purchase anything kind of body piercing supplies, that you read carefully their policies and sterile procedures, and that they clearly post publicly all spore test results of their equipment on a regular basis…”

Cool or Fool: Man of Stone?

“In case you are thinking about following this man in his stone-steps, make certain that if you do cover your skin completely with tattoo ink that you may not be taken seriously by those around you…”

Does Your Piercer Check it Twice?

“…prior to piercing, make sure you feel comfortable with them and they are not pressuring you into something you do not want (like a tattoo)…”