How Much Do Body Piercers Make?

In this age of tough economic times and jobs that may require college degrees to make a decent wage, there is one that stands out and can be learned without paying thousands to a college that can make you in excess of $100 an hour; body piercing. ┬áMany body piercers are finding increasing demand for […]

How Big is the Demand For Body Piercers?

If you are thinking about changing careers, or have had trouble finding a job in this economy, becoming a body piercer may prove to be an enjoyable and profitable new career

Can You Really Teach Yourself To Pierce?

Even if you don’t mind being exploited like a sweat shop suzy and you decide to get an apprenticeship, you’ll still need to get your own starter body piercing kit so you’ll have the right equipment to do the job

Warning: Read this before you enroll in a body art school

“These online courses may inform you and give you some insight as to how certain techniques are performed, but they cannot prepare you completely for actual body piercing, nor will they count towards any requirements you must meet to become certified.”