Body Piercings or Tattoos: Which Lasts Longer?

“Unlike a tattoo, your body piercing will not fade, or change from it’s original likeness, ever. It’s not that a piercing or tattoo is any ‘better’ than the other, it’s just that they are intrinsically different when it comes to the passage of time.”

What Real Men Think About Chicks That Body Pierce

“Even if the only piercing a chick has (ears don’t count unless they’re stretched) is a nostril piercing, that’s enough to tingle the love antennae of any real man within 100 miles…”

When you should re-pierce

“Just keep in mind that if the reason you have for wanting a re-piercing is purely subjective, and not the fault of your piercer, you may (and should be) re-charged for the piercing. Not only will you endure the original pain (and possibly more if the position of the new piercing(s) are near the original area that was pierced), but the final result may not be any better (or different) than the first time around”

EZ-Glide Body Piercing System Reviewed

“As opposed to internally-threaded piercing needles that may have problems when it comes time to ‘unscrew’ them from the jewelry, the EZ Glide tubes pull off without turning, allowing for fast, accurate and mistake-free body piercing every time.”