When is Free Shipping Truly Free?

Most sellers of body piercing supplies will lead with ”free shipping” on their sites, but careful reading reveals that you must make a minimum order amount to qualify

Body Piercing Supplies: Body Art or Medical Origin?

One of the most common types of forceps used in body piercing is called a ‘sponge forcep’ which was designed as a surgical instrument used to grab and hold small sponges used during surgeries

Does It Matter Where You Buy Your Piercing Supplies?

“Make sure that before you purchase anything kind of body piercing supplies, that you read carefully their policies and sterile procedures, and that they clearly post publicly all spore test results of their equipment on a regular basis…”

I.V. Catheter Needles: European Standard for Body Piercing

“Although more costly (on average) than hollow piercing needles, Catheter needles can be worth the additional expense in added precision and client comfort”