Why Use a Body Piercing Kit?

Sadly, there are many unqualified individuals offering dirty piercing kits that are nothing more than a few mismatched pieces thrown into a bag. Take the time to research where you are buying your body piercing kit from and make sure that your kit is designed by a professional body piercer to insure you will have the best chance possible for a safe and successful piercing

Consumer Alert: Chinese Ear Piercing kits sold as body piercing kits

“These kits are often sold on ebay for around 70 USD, or elsewhere, offering a handful of piercing needles to go along with a few pieces of body jewelry (without being sterile, of course), and an ear piercing gun and studs. Maybe these companies think by throwing it all into a metal case it will not be seen for what it is; a Chinese ear-piercing kit.”

body piercing kits on ebay: the plain truth

“If you are going to purchase a body piercing kit on ebay, make sure you take the time to find one of the few sellers that include sterile body jewelry. It also helps that the seller knows about body piercing and is not someone totally ignorant of the body art and just in it for the money.”