Where To Buy The Best Body Piercing Supplies

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Body Piercing Supplies Part V (Forceps)

“…a pair of forceps (also referred to as ‘clamps’) can be fastened in a way that will secure the spot for accurate (and sometimes less painful) piercing…”

When You Shouldn’t Get a Body Piercing

“while many people feel more ‘courageous’ or claim to feel less pain while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is not a good idea to have a body piercing or tattoo done in this state since your judgement is impaired and you risk detrimental side-effects such as excessive bleeding (alcohol thins your blood) and other physical reactions…”

What Do You Think: Cool or Fool?

“It may take a few moments to suddenly become clear what kind of extreme stretching this guy did, but what is immediately apparent is that this is something that should probably be avoided, unless you have already had all the children you want to have in your life…”

Cool or Fool: Proof Cyborgs Exist?

“It’s wonderful to live in such a time when anyone can get a body piercing just about anywhere on their bodies safely and without persecution by society”

The Third Eye Piercing

“…is a type of surface piercing that resides on the forehead area of the face, centered above the eyebrows. Because of the tightness of the skin and proximity to the bone of the skull, this piercing is very likely to migrate or outright reject…”

The Benefits of Using Forceps In Piercing

“…forceps can act to reduce pain experienced in certain piercings (i.e. nipples) due to the fact that the client may feel more pressure than needle penetration when used properly…”

Body Piercing: What You Can Expect To Happen

“Make sure that you have eaten a meal within the last four hours of getting pierced, and if you have a history of seizures or are prone to fainting, make sure you tell your piercer about it. Remember, body piercing should be routine and does not have to involve violent physical reactions.”

Body Piercing Supplies: Using the Right Forceps

“Usually, disposable forceps are made of plastic and are disposed of after use, while steel forceps are designed to be able to withstand an autoclave so they can be reused…”