New Health Department Rules: Are you in compliance?

One of the mandates calls for the use of safe metals and alloy materials for body piercing

How Well Do You Know Your Piercer?

If you are unsure of the qualifications of your body piercer or tattoo artists, ask to see their health department permit BEFORE you agree to have them do any work on you

Is Your Health Department Cracking Down?

Rather than the time and cost of purchasing an autoclave (not to mention the time and work needed to pouch and cycle items) you can purchase online guaranteed sterile body piercing supplies and body jewelry from respected online suppliers and avoid fines, scrutiny or worse

Your Vote Counts: Cool or Fool?

“Make sure you give very careful thought to anything you undertake…”

Is Body Piercing an Art?

“For a body piercing to be considered ‘art’ it might be when a piercer has reached the point of such mastery in their career that the piercing goes quickly, with no hesitation, and minimal (or no) pain felt by the customer. When you have reached that point in your piercing experience, you have attained the level of mastery and are a true master piercer…”

Who Makes Better Body Piercers: Men or Women?

“Far better prepared are those piercers that have undertaken first aid and/or survival training, so they are prepared and ready to act if a customer goes into shock, faints or has a seizure…”

Parent Forum: Who Can I Trust to Pierce My Daughter?

“Seek out a body piercer that specializes in body piercing, and who is registered with the health department and who has no problem showing you their sterile body piercing supplies beforehand…”