How Well Do You Know Your Piercer?

If you are unsure of the qualifications of your body piercer or tattoo artists, ask to see their health department permit BEFORE you agree to have them do any work on you

Holidays and Piercing: Do they go together?

“…if you are thinking about getting that new body piercing and the cat is already out of the bag (that you do such things), you may be able to get rock-bottom deals on getting it done…”

What Your Body Piercer Should Know About You

always ask to see your piercer’s county health department permit and current blood-borne pathogen certification before you get started.

Your Vote Counts: Cool or Fool?

“Make sure you give very careful thought to anything you undertake…”

Body Piercing Supplies Part VI (receiving cork)

If you are autoclaving the corks prior to piercing, you should always use the rubber types, since they are not as porous as the cork ones and will not retain moisture or bacteria

Body Piercing Supplies Part II (The Receiving Tube)

“Many body piercers prefer the use of a receiving tube when doing a nostril piercing (rather than shoving a cork up the client’s nose), as well as when doing many cartilage (ear) and hood piercings (genital)…”