New Health Department Rules: Are you in compliance?

One of the mandates calls for the use of safe metals and alloy materials for body piercing

Micro-dermal implants: More trouble than they’re worth?

“However, either to avoid the higher cost of dermals (as opposed to needles) or because of ignorance, many dermal implants are done with needles (where the hole is stretched and manipulated by the needle) or worse, scalpels…”

Who Makes Better Body Piercers: Men or Women?

“Far better prepared are those piercers that have undertaken first aid and/or survival training, so they are prepared and ready to act if a customer goes into shock, faints or has a seizure…”

Is It Illegal To Tattoo Minors?

“The rule of thumb is this; if a tattoo shop is willing to break the law to make money off of you, they are probably breaking other laws (in regards to mandated sterility standards for tattoo and piercing supplies) that you aren’t aware of that could put your health and safety at risk.”

Does Your Piercer Check it Twice?

“…prior to piercing, make sure you feel comfortable with them and they are not pressuring you into something you do not want (like a tattoo)…”

Renegade Body Artists: Are you in compliance?

“Once a body piercer or tattoo artist takes a Health Department approved pathogen course, they are still required to undergo a series of Hepatitis B vaccinations (3 vaccinations over a 9 month period) before they can be issued a county body technician permit.”