Car Smashes Through Front of Jewelry Store in Palmdale, California

Although this store (located in Palmdale, California) is not exactly known for glowing customer satisfaction reviews, what happened here is a bit overkill

Will You Support the Body Piercing News?

what this means as that our popularity has exceeded our bandwith alotment, and therefore, we are facing higher costs to accomodate our valued readers, such as yourself…

Your Vote Counts: Cool or Fool?

“Make sure you give very careful thought to anything you undertake…”

Cool or Fool: Tattooed Eyeball

“The effects of injected ink (not to mention the pain involved) as well as the use of body piercing supplies or tattoo machinery around the eye is almost always going to be detrimental to you…”

Cool or Fool: Peek-A-Tongue?

“Stretching your lower lip down to your chin will certainly make you stand out, but it can also cause problems when against the bone of the chin, as well as cause ‘leakage’ from saliva or food debris while chewing…”

Cool or Fool: Leg Piercings?

“…having this many surface piercings positioned so close together can cause massive problems with migration and rejection caused by the constant movement of the legs, as well as contact with clothing…”