Bring Your Own Jewelry: A Good Deal or Dangerous?

With increased competition in the body art industry comes cost-cutting moves and ways to try to appeal to a customer’s sense of value.  While some shops run specials or lower their prices, other shops resort to more dangerous ways to cut corners.

In a disturbing trend, many shops are offering to charge less for a body piercing if the customer brings their own body jewelry.  While this may sound (at first) to be a good offer, it is at best increasing the chance of infection and at worst, illegal.  Using a non-sterile piece of body jewelry in a fresh piercing is foolish and increases the chances of serious infection for the client.  If a shop offers you this kind of ‘deal’ you would be advised to run (not walk) away since not only is their ‘deal’ inviting an infection into your near future, but they are operating illegally and probably are not registered with the health department either.  To find guaranteed sterilized body jewelry and quality body piercing supplies click on the link.  And remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true it usually is!

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