Rogue Body Artists: Everybody’s Problem

Rogue body artists (i.e. unlicensed and unregistered tattooists and body piercers) is a growing problem in the United States.  With the harsh economic times and simultaneous booming demand for body piercers and tattoo artists, there is a growing number of rogue piercers and tattooists in our communities.  These rogue artists may work out of their houses, or worse yet, their cars, offering to body pierce or tattoo someone for cut rate prices.

There’s an old saying that says ‘you get what you pay for’, and that is very true in all walks of life.  Getting your lip pierced from a guy working out of his house (or car) may ‘save’ you a few bucks initially, but chances are you are going to pay much more later as the chance of infection (from used needles and un-sterilized body jewelry they use) is fifty to one hundred times greater than having that same piercing or tattoo done by someone who is licensed with the health department and works in a sterile environment or shop.  Is it worth the five or ten bucks you save to have someone who does not use the proper sterilized body piercing supplies or tools pierce you with a used needle that may have been used before you with someone who has Hepatitis or AIDS?  Always make sure to ask your body artists to see their health department permit, and ask to see all the tools and body jewelry and needles used are in sterile pouches.  Your life may depend upon it.

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