What makes ear jewelry smell?

Why do my ear tunnels smell?
Ear tunnels and cbr

Whether you used a self piercing kit or went to a body piercer to get started stretching your ears, you may notice the jewelry begins to smell bad after a couple weeks.  This is a common problem due to the type of oils produced by the skin of the ears.  One of the things that will reduce this type of odor is to thoroughly wash your ear lobes and body jewelry each day.  A good time to do this is while bathing.

The other factor involved has to do with the porousness of the material the jewelry is made of.  Highly porous materials such as wood, stone and bone will tend to smell more often than less-porous materials such as steel or titanium.  Regular rotation (not wearing any single pair more than a couple days) combined with daily cleaning should greatly reduce or eliminate the odor entirely.

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