Where is Body Jewelry Manufactured?

Chinese Factory

With some minor exceptions, the vast majority of body jewelry is manufactured in China or South Korea.  Although many sellers of body jewelry claim to be ‘manufacturers’, they are actually importers, or wholesalers at best.  The line is blurred when it comes to companies that contract foreign factories to produce custom designed pieces.  Although these companies are designers (or contractors), they are still not manufacturers since the products are still made in factories outside of the United States.

Although the question of who actually produces the body jewelry  is not as important as what the piece is made of (quality of steel and construction).  The misrepresentation of what a company is should be a major point of contention for customers.  The reason for concern regarding false claims of corporate identity (either being a ‘factory’ or ‘manufacturer’ as opposed to being an importer) is that a seller is making a misrepresentation to the customer, and in if a company is lying about something as important as what they are, it begs the question: what else are they misrepresenting?  When it comes to purchasing products that are as personal and delicate as body jewelry, you need to know exactly what you have before you put it against your skin.

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