Should you tattoo someone’s name onto your body?

Many people believe emblazoning the name of their boyfriend or girlfriend (or spouse) on their bodies will impress that person and encourage devotion.  The problem is that in reality, over 70% of these kinds of tattoos are later regretted as the relationship, marriage or even friendships dissolve.  Most of the time, the only thing left from the relationship is the tattoo itself, and that presents a problem when entering a new relationship.

Rather than have that name inscribed permanently into your skin, consider less permanent ways to show your devotion, like an engraved ring, bracelet or pendant.  It is true that many tattoos can be covered, or removed but it is still expensive and there are residual traces of the tattoo left no matter how stringent the process used.  If you must tattoo a name or portrait onto your body, at least make it a person who will not fade from your life, someone like a family member, parent or child.  That way, no matter what the future holds, you will never regret the decision to get it done.

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