How to overcome the fear of body piercing

It is quite common to be nervous, or even fearful of needles.  As children, one of our most vivid (and dramatic) memories of childhood was our visits to the doctor’s office.  Many young children associate going to the doctors with getting shots, and of course, because shots utilize needles, there can be a deep and lasting impression left upon our psyches when it comes to fearing needles.

In body piercing, the actual penetration of the needle through the skin is momentary, usually lasting no more than a few seconds.  Once through, the needle merely rests in place, holding our tissue open slightly as we await the placement of the body jewelry.  An experienced body piercer can actually develop their skills so extensively that the penetration of the needle may not even be felt.  If you find yourself obsessing about the needle to the extent that  you are putting off getting your navel or other area of the body pierced, try to remember that the actual piercing is over in seconds, along with the majority of the pain involved.  To get rid of those pre-piercing jitters, try to concentrate on the fact that after a few moments of discomfort, you will be able to enjoy your new body piercing for years to come.  You will also have the rest of your life to pat yourself on the back for being brave enough to get it done.

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