Should You Buy Body Piercing Kits on ebay?

As with just about everything else you can think of, there are people selling tattoo and body piercing kits and supplies on ebay.  Basically, ebay is the largest garage sale in the world.  Although you can sometimes find things on ebay for a few dollars less than you would from respectable companies, it may not always be a good idea to buy there for some items.

When it comes to tattoo and body piercing supplies (especially ones that are supposed to be sterile) you may be taking a chance and putting yourself (and your clients) at risk by buying ‘sterile’ items on ebay.  The problem with ebay is that they are more about ‘commerce’ than safety, and there are few (if any) quality controls in place in regards to safe-guarding people against fly-by-night operations that may be selling inferior goods.  Your best bet when buying tattoo or body piercing supplies is to avoid buying from sellers that do not have a web-site or physical store locations – in other words, make sure the people you are entrusting with your (and your clients’) safety is established and can guarantee the sterility of their products.  We found a leading supplier of body piercing kits and supplies that offers both low prices and top quality guaranteed sterile products.  You might find what you need for a little less on ebay, but is it really worth that dollar or two you will save if you or your clients get infections?

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