Body Piercing Kits: Are They Worth It?

The reasons why people choose to use body piercing kits are varied; some do it out of personal modesty issues (when the piercing is in an area they are uncomfortable having strangers touching), or they can be financial (since it can be much less expensive doing a piercing at home with a kit than at a salon).

Whatever your reason for using a body piercing kit is, make sure that you purchase one that is safe, sterile and offered by a company that knows about piercing.  We found numerous sellers of body piercing kits, but very few of them qualified to offer such items.  Unfortunately, over 90% of the body piercing kits we found online did NOT include sterile body jewelry, which is tantamount to paying for an infection!  For safe, sterile and reasonably-priced body piercing kits click on the link.

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