What to do if you are allergic to metal body jewelry

Push-In Labret
Bioflex Push-In Labret

There are many people that are allergic to different types of metal found in body jewelry.  Although it is not recommended to use gold, silver or plated metal jewelry initially in a fresh piercing, there are some people that cannot wear these metals even after the piercing is fully healed.  For those individuals, even the slight trace amounts of nickel found in surgical stainless steel body jewelry can cause rejection.

The best solution for this problem is to wear body jewelry consisting of plastic materials.  PTFE is a type of teflon material that is tubular and flexible, allowing the wearer to cut the length to any size desired.   Once the shaft of the piece has been cut with a razor blade to the length desired, the head is pushed into the outer end of the shaft, completing the piece.  Tongue barbells and pregnancy retainers are also available in Bioflex, allowing for maximum comfort and perfect fit.

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