The Types of Nose Piercings

Gemmed Nose Screws
Gemmed Nose Screws

When I was growing up, I remember seeing the occasional nose piercing and having it be somewhat of an anomaly.  As piercing has gained mainstream acceptance, however, nose piercing has experienced a drastic increase in popularity. And it isn’t just the simple nose studs anymore. Today there is an assortment of unique nose jewelry available. There are three common types of nose piercings now in practice:

~Nostril: This includes the basic rings and studs that most people are familiar with.

~Bridge: This is the section located at the top of the nose, in-between the eyes; it is typically pierced with a single barbell.

~Septum: The septum is the piece of skin located in-between the nostrils and there are a variety of jewelry options for the piercing, including screws, barbells and rings.

Nose piercings are one of the least painful types of body piercings, taking between 10 and 12 weeks to heal completely.

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