The Truth About Tattoo Shop Minimums

There seems to be hidden fees and taxes on everything these days; late fees, activation fees on phones, termination fees, you name it if there is a way to get you for extra money in the name of doing business, it’s out there.  But what about when you get a body piercing or tattoo?  Since body art services are not taxable in the usual sense, you think you are in the clear and that all you have to do is worry about getting through a little pain or discomfort, right?  Wrong.

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of tattoo shops there is what is called a ‘Shop Minimum’ fee which is the least amount they want to even deal with you – a way of saying if  you don’t spend their designated ‘minimum’ amount of money, they don’t want your business.  Not only is it insulting to customers but suggesting such a thing reeks of being a rip-off!  The good news is as more and more shops open (and as many close) things are going to get to a point where such arrogance will catch up to shops that try to gouge you that way, and it will become less and less common.  Until then, you might want to find a shop that doesn’t charge a shop minimum or do that ear or body piercing at home with a body piercing kit from a reputable company (see link).  Good luck and remember, SAY NO TO SHOP MINIMUMS!

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