Are you a compulsive body piercer?

Like many other things, body piercing can become a compulsion and carried to an extreme.  While most people do not have this problem, other individuals that may be more prone to such things can become obsessed with getting pierced to the point where it can be dangerous.  Body art (tattoos included) enthusiasts may start out with a single piercing or tattoo, only to find themselves wanting more within a short period of time.  This desire is normal, and for most does not become an issue.  However, if someone begins having piercings or tattoos performed for no other reason than to get it done, something may be wrong.

No matter what your reasoning, make sure you get your body piercings from a professional that uses sterile body piercing supplies and has all required certifications and permits to pierce legally in the county he/she operates in.  If such credentials are not readily visible, or you have any doubt that your piercer or tattoo artist may not have such credentials, it is your duty to speak up and ask to see them, that way you will know exactly what you are dealing with.  Good luck!

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