What Your Body Piercer Should Know About You

Body piercing has evolved into a mainstream form of self expression.  People of all ages are getting body piercings as often (or more often) than any other form of body art.  The average body art enthusiast often has more piercings than tattoos or any other form of personal adornment.  But with the increase in popularity of piercing, has also come a demand for qualified body artists that has led to an overabundance of people piercing that have no business doing so.  Many novice piercers believe incorrectly that just because they have multiple body piercings that they are qualified to pierce others.  This is an unfortunate and dangerous trend that is resulting in more instances of infections and injuries.

A professionally registered and trained body art technician knows the questions that need to be asked prior to a procedure.  Along with proper pre-procedure and post-piercing aftercare information, your piercer should be asking you most or all of the following questions: are you pregnant, do you take medication for seizures, are you prone to fainting, have you eating anything recently, are you on blood thinning medication or intoxicated, to name a few.  If you are getting a body piercing (or tattoo) and you are not being asked these questions, you should leave immediately.  Not only is your body artist putting you in danger by not asking you these questions, but probably cutting corners in other areas such as sterility of body piercing supplies or in other ways that can jeopardize you.  Remember, always ask to see your piercer’s county health department permit and current blood-borne pathogen certification before you get started.  You should never get a piercing from someone that makes you feel uneasy, or who is evasive when asked those questions.  A legitimate body artists will be glad to answer any question you have because he/she has nothing to hide.

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