Body Piercing Kits: Are They Really Safe?

Sterile Body Jewelry

Contrary to some opinions, using a body piercing kit can be a safe and economical alternative to going to an expensive tattoo shop for a body piercing.  Although it is always recommended to go to a professional piercer when possible, a growing number of devotees are taking matters into their own hands and buying body piercing kits.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a body piercing kit is to find a kit that is offered by a company that is in the body art business, who offers their kits with sterile body jewelry.  Over 98% of body piercing kits offered on ebay and by online websites do NOT include sterilized pouched body jewelry.  Make sure your body piercing kit includes STERILE BODY JEWERLY in it, or else you will risk an infection, injury or worse.  Why risk that when you can find sterile body piercing kits here?  Don’t gamble with your client’s (or your own) life, make the smart choice.

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