Body Piercing Supplies Part VI (receiving cork)

In body piercing, besides requiring the correct gauge of needle, body jewelry, and skin prep, you may also need to use a receiving cork.  The cork is mainly a safety device used by piercers to keep the sharp end of the needle from poking the client after it has passed through the skin.  Whenever the body piercing is in an area where the protruding end of the needle can cause injury or discomfort, it is best to put a cork onto it so it will not poke or accidentally pierce surrounding areas of tissue.

There are two-types of piercing corks available: rubber (resembling stoppers for test-tubes) and ones made of actual cork.  If you are autoclaving the corks prior to piercing, you should always use the rubber types, since they are not as porous as the cork ones and will not retain moisture or bacteria.  You can purchase either types of corks from this respected seller of body piercing supplies online.

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