Body Piercing Supplies Part III (Nitrile Gloves)

In body piercing, as in tattooing, a body artist should always wear gloves.  The reason for gloves should be obvious, but for clarification, we will give them here.  First, a glove acts as a barrier, and protects the client from exposure from any bacterial or pathogens that may be present on the artists’ hands.  Secondly, a glove acts as a form of protection to the artist against exposure to blood during a procedure.  Another reason why gloves are a good idea is that they provide a smoother surface to interact with the client’s skin, allowing the artist to move freely during the procedure without pulling or aggravating the client.

It is also crucial to use Non-Latex gloves that do not have powder.  Why?  Because many people (unknown to them) have allergies to latex.  Also, the particles in the powder contained in some gloves are contaminants and can cause infection or reaction if they fall into the open tissue.  Make sure you use only nitrile gloves sold by respected suppliers of body piercing supplies at all times.  Not only is it common-sense but they look cool!

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