Micro-Dermal Implants: Update

Micro-Dermal Implant

Although the demand for micro-dermal implants is still high, the move to ban and outlaw this procedure is still gaining momentum throughout the states.  Already, more than half the states have outlawed implants outright, or deemed them as medical procedures (that can only be performed by physicians).  The reasoning behind the ongoing banning of this procedure are due to the fact that dermal implants are amongst the most dangerous and difficult body modifications that are common today.  Extreme cases of migration, rejection and severe infection are well documented, as well as improper implantation techniques that endanger the client.

The proper method is through the use of a dermal punch, where a circular plug of skin is removed to allow the easy insertion of the dermal anchor under the surface of the skin.  Other (improper) techniques involve using hollow piercing needles and scalpels that can cause major complications during healing and migration afterwards.  If you going to get a dermal implant, make sure you body art technician is registered through the county health department and using a dermal punch, as well as other proper body piercing supplies and tools for the procedure.  If you are unsure of anything you see don’t be afraid to ask, or leave on the spot.  Remember, unlike other standard body piercings, dermals are permanent and cannot be removed without surgery.

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