Who Are The Best Body Piercers?

Before ten years ago, most body piercings were performed by tattoo artists.  This was due to the fact that up until then, body piercing was not nearly as popular as it is today.  Back then, there was no such thing as a body piercing specialist, nor had the term ‘master body piercer’ been coined.  Piercing was a trade that was passed down by tattoo artists and done out of necessity when things got slow in a shop.  Because piercing requires no artistic ability, tattoo artists look at piercing differently from tattooing – a mundane task that is much less profitable than their true love, tattooing.

The past five or six years has seen an explosion in body piercing.  Piercing has been embraced by everyone of all ages, races, and most religions no longer forbid piercing.  (Ironically, the bible discusses piercings in the Old Testament and how common they were in those times!)  Now people want choices in how (and whom) they are pierced by, and because of this factor a new trade has been born; the dedicated body piercer.  A dedicated body piercer is someone who has devoted themselves to only body piercing and the mastery of that.  They may or may not have background as a tattoo artist, but their appearance may be ‘ordinary’ and unoffensive.  A great number of people that are having their first body piercings done would rather purchase a body piercing kit (and do it themselves) than go into a tattoo shop full of ex-cons that ooze arrogance and attitude.  The proof of this is the explosion of companies now offering home piercing kits.  Most parents would prefer their daughters to get  pierced by someone that looks and acts closer to a mother or father than the typical tattoo artist.  Also, people are becoming aware of the vast differences between body artists that have current permits to pierce from the health department as opposed to renegade body artists that do not.  If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated master body piercer in your city make sure you support them with your business.  You can still go to the tattoo shop for your tattoos but the best body piercings are always going to be performed by someone who specializes in piercing.

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