How Much Does a Professional Body Piercer Make?

Professional Body Piercing Shop

Body piercing is a booming.  It seems that everywhere, people of all walks of life and ages are getting body piercings.  And usually, people that are pierced don’t stop at one body piercing, they have multiple piercings.  The most common piercings are; ears, noses, tongues, navels, lips and eyebrows.  Body piercing is no longer considered a ‘fad’ or ‘fringe’ activity, but part of the mainstream culture, just as tattoos have been accepted.

The good (or the bad, depending on who you are) is that the demand for body piercing has far outgrown the amount of competent professional body piercers available.  There are many parts of the country where there are either no body piercers working (and you have to resort to going to a tattoo artist or self piercing with a body piercing kit), or if there are body piercers, they charge ridiculous amounts of money because of the demand.  If you are comfortable with people, and have some medical training (blood borne pathogen, CPR or other emergency training) you might make a good body piercer.  Body piercers today routinely make over $100.00 per hour since they can perform multiple piercings within that hour.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in pursuing you can find out more about all the tools, equipment and information  you will need to get started at this respected supplier of body piercing kits and piercing supplies.

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