Is Your Body Jewelry Sterile?

The integrity of initial body piercing jewelry can determine the success (or resulting infection) of a body piercing.  Not only does the needle, tools, and prep materials (for disinfecting the skin prior to piercing) need to be sterile, but the body jewelry also needs to be perfectly sterile.  Many online sellers of body piercing kits (that do not know what they are doing) may offer kits that include sterile piercing needles and prep, but many times the forceps are not sterile.  Worse than that, over 90% of all body piercing kits offered do NOT include sterile body jewelry.

If you are going to perform a body piercing, make sure you have the proper body piercing supplies and tools needed to do the job adequately.  Most importantly, make certain that you have sterile clamps (forceps) and sterile body jewelry that has been autoclaved and pouched for use.  The pouch the body jewelry is contained within should have a color-changing indicator to confirm it has been properly sterilized, as well as a date.  If you doubt the importance of sterile body jewelry, ask yourself this question – what good does it do to use a sterile needle, prep and even sterile tools if you are going to just shove a dirty piece of body jewelry into the open wound?  The best supplier of body piercing supplies we have found not only offers sterile body jewelry at the lowest price in the industry, and with free shipping, but they also publicly post the spore test results of their equipment.  To view this company’s products, click here for body piercing supplies.

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