Should You Re-Pierce a Crooked Piercing?

Let’s face it, no one is perfect.  Even our favorite professional body piercer that we have been going to for years is capable of a crooked piercing.  Of course, there are many reasons a piercing can come out crooked; the original marked position was off, you were in an unnatural position when the piercing was done, or maybe the needle just did not go through straight.  Either way, crooked piercings happen and when they do you have to decide if you are going to re-pierce or not.

If the body piercing in question was done by a new piercer, or maybe done at home yourself with a body piercing kit, it might be a good idea to find a new professional body piercer to re-pierce it for you.  Professional body piercers are trained to use the proper body piercing supplies and tools appropriate for each type of piercing, and should be able to re-pierce you without a problem.  If your regular piercer did it, you should give them the chance to make it right after it heals up a bit.  Usually, it is customary to pay for a re-piercing, unless it was due to an error made by the piercer.  Rather than venture off and take your chances with a new piercer, it’s always better to consult your regular one.  You may even get it done free (if you are a good customer)…

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