What a Body Piercing Kit Should Include

If you are in the market for a body piercing kit, you may find it a bit confusing at times.  Many companies offer what they call body piercing kits, but in actuality only a few are right for actual piercing.  This is because most companies that offer body piercing kits are not professional body piercers themselves, but sellers of other products that are trying to enter a market they really know nothing about.

The best body piercing kits you can find are offered by companies that have body art industry experience.  We found one company that offers both professional body piercing kits and apprentice piercing kits that range in price from a few dollars (for a free-hand kit) to a couple hundred (for a starter body piercing kit for professional piercers).  This company also offers free shipping on all products within the USA with no order minimum – the only company we have found that does this anywhere!  To see their complete line of body piercing kits and body jewelry, click on the link.

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