How to Buy A Body Piercing Kit

If you are among the growing legion of people that are choosing to self-pierce (or home pierce) you will need to find a suitable body piercing kit for your needs.  There are primarily two types of body piercing kit sellers, those that do not pierce (or know the first thing about piercing) who are in it for the money, and those companies that offer body art supplies as a way of insuring quality and helping other body artists do their work.

Only companies that specialize in body piercing can offer quality body piercing kits that include everything you will need to pierce correctly and more importantly, safely.  We found a single company that offers body piercing kits and piercing supplies that was founded by master body piercers for the sole purpose of offering sterile body piercing kits and supplies to the body art community at an affordable price.  For more information on their body piercing kits, click on the link.  Happy piercing!

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