Make or Break Body Piercing Supplies

The success of any body piercing depends upon several factors; the first being the expertise of the piercer, followed by the proper utilization of sterile body piercing tools and piercing supplies.  If you are an apprentice body piercer, you should know that having the right tools and proper body piercing supplies is the first step in performing a body piercing successfully.  Many times the complications associated with improper piercings, or infections that follow a piercing are caused by improper techniques, or worse, using tools and body jewelry that has not been properly sterilized.

Finding a company that will supply you with quality (and when needed – sterile) body piercing supplies is crucial to not only the success of your body art career but also to the safety of your customers.  Make sure you purchase your body piercing supplies only from a respected supplier of body piercing supplies that has a clear and thorough sterilization process explained on their web site and who also posts regular spore test results of their autoclaves and sterilization equipment.  After that, the rest is up to you!

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