Tongue Piercing: What are the risks?

Tongue piercing is becoming one of the most popular body piercings performed today.  Many people assume that tongue piercing is extremely painful, and either avoid or prolong getting it done.  However, done by a professional body piercer, tongue piercing can be one of the least painful of all body piercings due to the fact that most pain sensors are at the edges of the tongue.  As long as you have your tongue pierced in the middle area of the tongue (avoiding the end or edge areas) your tongue piercing should be relatively pain-free and quick.

There are other factors to consider with tongue piercing, such as personal habits and possible damage it can cause to your teeth.  If you are a chewer (and you know who you are), and prefer a large, steel barbell in your mouth, you risk either biting down on the barbell while eating (and potentially chipping or cracking your teeth), or you may be causing small ‘chips’ to the enamel surface of your teeth by ‘clanking’ the body jewelry around inside your mouth (so that it hits your teeth).  While having your tongue pierced can be very cool and stylish, know your limitations and respect the fact while body piercing is reversible, you are only give one set of teeth.

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