Piercing Supplies: Ring Opening Pliers

One of the primary tools of a professional body piercer is known as ring opening pliers.  These special pliers allow the piercer to accurately and safely open (or dilate) a captive bead ring.  Once opened, the captive bead (also known as ball) is released, and the ring portion of the piece of body jewelry can be positioned through a piercing until in position.

Once positioned properly, the captive bead ring can be closed using a pair of ring closing pliers so that the space between the opening of the ring is once again the proper gap for the bead to fit into.  The diameter of the captive bead ring should be adjusted so that the ends of the ring overlap the width of the ball slightly.  This way, the ball will ‘pop’ back into place and be held securely by the pressure of the ring ends upon the tiny indentations machined into the ball itself.  We found a quality seller of body piercing supplies and tools that offers surgical steel tools that can be safely autoclaved.

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