Titanium Body Piercing Kits

The use of Titanium body jewelry for piercing is fairly widespread and even mandated in many parts of Europe.  The reason why Titanium is a good choice for body piercing is that it does not have any trace metals in it that can cause reaction or rejection in the client.  The primary problem metal that causes reactions in people is nickel.  Although surgical stainless steel (the usual metal used for body piercings in the United States) contains only a trace amount of nickel, it is enough to cause severe reactions in people that have allergies to heavy metals.

We found one company that offers Titanium body jewelry and body piercing kits that offer the needles, tools and body jewelry ready to use and sterile.  If you suffer from metal allergies or have high sensitivity to the types of metal that come into contact with your skin, ask your body piercer to use Titanium, or make sure you purchase body piercing kits that include Titanium body jewelry.

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