Cool or Fool: Peek-A-Tongue?

In spite of seeing hundreds of strange body modification photos to our site by readers each week, we are still dumbfounded at times by a few.  These precious few that astound, stun, and alarm us are brought to you as our picks for ‘Cool or Fool’ submissions.  This guy (who’s eyes have been only slightly pixelated to protect his ‘innocence’?) makes special use of a chin piercing that has been stretched large enough to poke his tongue through.

Stretching your lower lip down to your chin will certainly make you stand out, but it can also cause problems when against the bone of the chin, as well as cause ‘leakage’ from saliva or food debris while chewing.  Relatively speaking, this is probably one of the more least severe body piercings or modifications we have brought to you.  Just remember, as always, seek a professional body piercer to perform your piercings when possible and make sure he or she is using the proper professional body piercing supplies for the job.

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