Is Body Piercing an Art?

The issue as to whether or not body piercing is an art is as old as the practice. Although many master piercers are very creative in their work, and have incorporated incredible innovation into some of their piercings, body piercing is really a technique that must be practiced and mastered.  Comparatively, tattooing utilizes artistic ability, similar to a painter or person that draws, in order to complete a portrait or other complicated piece.  Although basic tattoo patterns (transfers) can be done by almost anyone, free-hand pieces require not only skill but talent.

For a body piercing to be considered ‘art’ it might be when a piercer has reached the point of such mastery in their career that the piercing goes quickly, with no hesitation, and minimal (or no) pain felt by the customer. ¬†When you have reached that point in your piercing experience, you have attained the level of mastery and are a true master piercer.

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