Do You Have What It Takes to be a Body Piercer?

If you are looking to make a career change, or just want to make great money in your own business, becoming a body art technician (body piercer) can be the answer.  As a body piercer, you can set your own hours, work where you choose to work and set the rates for your services competitively.  Unlike other industries that have downsized or disappeared altogether the last 5 years, the body art industry is expanding.  The demand for professional body piercers is growing due to the vast acceptance of piercing by society.

Like tattooing, body piercing is not a fad but here to stay.  Now more than ever, people are looking for a place to get a safe and professional body piercing.  In the past, the only place to get pierced was in a tattoo shop, by tattoo artists, which generally look upon piercing as a side-line or just do it for the money.  The need for body piercers and dedicated piercing parlors is growing.  Now is the time to enter the industry and stake your claim to one of the few booming industries in the nation; body piercing.  To get started, you should try to get an apprenticeship with a body piercer.  Next, you should get a starter body piercing kit that has all the tools, body jewelry and supplies that you will need to pierce.  You can find professional body piercing kits from select sellers of piercing supplies online.  Good luck and enjoy your new career!  (By the way, most body piercers can easily make over $100.00 per hour!)

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