Should you Have a Name Tattooed onto You?

The question of whether you should get a name of a special person tattooed onto your body is an often asked question.  Tattoos, unlike body piercings or other body modifications are more permanent, and because of that fact, must be given more thought than other body art decisions.

If the name of the person you wish to have eternally inscribed onto your skin is a romantic element in your life, or a spouse, it can be a loving tribute to your sincerity.  Of course, if the relationship does not last, it cold also be later viewed as a ‘mistake’, and serve as a glaring reminder of a painful time in your life.  A body piercing can be removed, and usually will heal itself.  A tattoo, once done, cannot be reversed without the use of painful and expensive procedures, if at all.  If you must etch a name onto your body of a dear person in your life, make it a name that is not transitory, like the name of a parent, sibling, child or friend.  That way, you will not regret it in the end.

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