How much is my body piercing going to hurt?

This is a question a body-piercer is asked almost daily.  It doesn’t matter if you have endured hundreds of tattoo hours already or have already been pierced, the question can linger in your mind and cause a mountain of stress.  Part of being a professional body-piercer is giving answers to this and other questions that sometimes the client does not want to hear.  Respectable body-piercers will often talk customers out of certain piercings for various reasons.

The answer to the above question is that there is no single answer that holds true for everyone.  This is because pain is a subjective experience and what one person considers intense may be dismissed by another person as insignificant.  However, there is an overall consensus on which body piercings are the most and least painful, as reported by customers.  The most painful body piercings are usually nipple piercings, followed by genital and cartilage piercings.  The least painful piercings are generally the tongue, nose, and eyebrows.  The rest tend to fall into the middle of the pain spectrum.  (Please keep in mind that this only accounts for pain felt during actual piercing and does not consider residual pain felt during the healing process.)

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