There is an ongoing debate amongst body art devotees and apprentices alike as to which gender makes for better body piercers.  On the one side, men can make a strong argument for having a possible slight edge in coordination over women (at least the hand-eye kind), while women are more nurturing and respond to crisis better than most men (i.e. when a customer faints or has other issues like bleeding…).

The truth of the matter is that what makes a great body art technician is not whether they are male or female, but the dedication they have for their craft, along with their experience and training.  For example, many people are piercing out there that have fulfilled only the basic requirements for being registered.  Far better prepared are those piercers that have undertaken first aid and/or survival training, so they are prepared and ready to act if a customer goes into shock, faints or has a seizure.  The next time you get a body piercing, ask your body piercer if he or she has any medical training, CPR or first aid knowledge.  You never know when that training will be called upon.

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