Body Art Supplies: Going Disposable?

There is a growing contingent of body artists and body piercers that have done away with re-using tools and materials that require autoclaving and sterilizing.  Instead of using steel forceps, for example, they are using disposable, single-use tools that are pre-sterilized and thrown away immediately.

Using disposable sterile tools and body jewelry alleviates the problems and hassle of sterilization, and saves time and money spent on autoclave equipment, pouches and the time and energy needed to pouch and cycle items through autoclaves.  The chances of cross-contamination using one-time disposable piercing supplies is almost zero, and using disposable items is endorsed by the Los Angeles County Health Department as well as other health departments around the nation.  You can find disposable single use needles, tools and body jewelry in body piercing kits sold by fine sellers of piercing supplies online.

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