For Pros Only: Can Your Customer Handle The Truth?

Part of the responsibility of being a professional body piercer is not just knowing how to properly perform a body piercing, but also when not to.  Sometimes, a client will ask for a piercing that isn’t safe, as in the case of a tongue piercing for someone that is tongue-tied or has overlapping veins under their tongue.  Or, it could be a case of someone that is either drunk, or under the influence staggering in with new-found courage who ‘thinks’ they want something pierced.  Sometimes, it’s a woman who is showing the early signs of pregnancy that must be turned away.

While these customers may be angry with us when we turn them down, we are actually doing them (and in the long run, ourselves) a great service by exercising restraint and caution.  Not all body artists choose to turn customers (and their money) away when they should, and many have come to regret those decisions.  There are many cases of drunken clients bleeding out, as well as cases of severe infections jeopardizing unborn infants that have made headlines.  What doesn’t make headlines is the quiet professionals that turn down the money and dissuade customers every day from getting modifications that are dangerous.  It’s those professionals that place their customer’s safety and welfare first that are the ones that should be entrusted, and their advice followed.  To those tireless body piercing perfectionists with a conscience, we at the Body Piercing News salute you.

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